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The Gift Estate

Lush Palm Landscapes took this project on and designed the entirety of the landscaping while continuing to expand throughout various sections of the property. The task was large, the garden around the house had been left to self manage, and many unwanted invasive plants began to volunteer and take over. Lush Palm Landscapes used heavy equipment to clear and remove all the overgrown plants. Starting the landscape from scratch, Lush Palm Landscapes designed a Hawaiian garden made up of colorful native Hawaiian plants that projected the glorious essence of The Gift Estate.

Lush Palm Landscapes Installaion Hawaii

One of the most beautiful Hawaiian estates on Oahu opens its doors to private gatherings, and is truly a place where dreams come true. Landscape designed by Lush Palm Landscapes LLC.


Shade Oasis

Sometimes your land will work against you. Issues with flooding and stagnant pooling water are common in Hawaiian tropical environments and can be a frequent nuisance. This home had isssues with poor soil and severe flooding, even during moderate rains. We installed a french drain spanning the length of the house, resolving the flooding issue. With the flooding problem solved, we were able to make use of planter beds that were previously pooled with water. Lush Palm Landscapes re-conditioned the soil and added blue Hawaiian taro plants, Peace Lilies, Anthuriums, Mondo Grass and Native Ferns which created a stunning shade oasis that will be safe through future rains.

Beautiful tropical shade garden installed by Lush Palm Landscapes Hawaii
tropical-hawaiian-plants-around-edging-of-coconut-tree installed by lush plam landscapes hawaii

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Garden Waves

The Garden Waves project required a new lease on life as it was bare and desolate. Too much shade and mature palm root systems dominated the garden. The solution to this problem was amending the soil and interjecting hardy, colorful tropical plants that grow in tough situations. Lush Palm Landscapes added White gingers, Crotons, Anthuriums, and various Ti plants throughout the current wave shaped planter beds.

Mokuleia Sea Breeze 

The Mokuleia Sea Breeze project began as a dusty and neglected garden. Salt spray and onshore winds battered it. The front garden bed facing the ocean took the bulk of elemental punishment. The backside of the house is protected; however, weeds and overgrowth occupied the beds. Our client had a single request, which was to create a low maintenance beautiful Hawaiian landscape that would make him happy when he comes home. Lush Palm Landscapes created an environment that flourishes in these conditions by adding salt resistant native Hawaiian beach plants on the ocean side of the property and colorful tropical shrubs in protected areas. Since the completion of the project, our client enjoys his walk to the front door more than ever.

Private Palm Paradise

What started off being a weed-ridden dirt lot, transformed into a private slice of paradise on the North Shore of Oahu by Lush Palm Landscapes. Our team leveled the soil and installed over 120 feet of Areca palm trees and Native Hawaiian variegated Hau Bush to create a natural privacy barrier along the property fence line. We then installed an irrigation system for the grass sod, along with edging and mulch to create definitive boundary lines and moisture retention. In addition to this, Lush Palm Landscapes installed several hardscape features: a limestone gravel pathway, full-sized surf/bike shed, custom-built irrigated planter boxes, and bamboo fencing. Our team has an expansive skill set that allows us to complete a wide range of projects — the finished landscape project transformed a loam lot to a Lush Palm Paradise.

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