About Lush Palm Landscapes

Lush Palm Landscapes is a luxury landscaping company that specializes in designing and installing tropical gardens in residential homes. Owner and designer Brent White explains, “In Hawaii we are so fortunate to see a rich variety of tropical plants that surround us every day. It's incredible how a native Hawaiian garden encompassing your home can transform an environment and add value to your property.”

Our Story

Brent White was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu surfing and sharing his family’s passion for preserving the island community. He began his career working in web design and volunteering for local non-profits. Brent took on designing gardens as a creative outlet for him when he wasn’t working on the computer. Brent discovered that he could translate all his design training directly into building beautiful tropical Hawaiian gardens. This is how Lush Palm Landscapes began.

Lush Palm Landscapes has designed gardens on some of Oahu’s most iconic estate’s. Brent perceives Gardens to be a living piece of design because the plants are living and the design is alive. He designs and installs gardens that serve as a grand introduction to your home. “Gardens are the grand introduction to your home, and plants provide a natural and unique character to your residence,” says Brent. If you need a garden design, Lush Palm Landscapes will ensure you a garden of life and inspiration.

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